Simon's Mansion - Semi Finalist BookLife Prize 2019

"What sets this book apart is its raw originality." BookLife Fiction Prize 2019 Semifinalist Judge on Simon's Mansion.

BookLife Prize 2019 Semi Finalist Plot/Idea:  10 out of 10 Originality:  10 out of 10 Prose:  10 out of 10 Character/Execution:  10 out of 10 Overall:  10.00 out of 10 Assessment: Plot : Though Poe offers a thoroughly compelling and propulsive plot, the author displays a somewhat impatient tendency to skim-over potentially rich scenes in favor of more slow-going descriptions and allusions. The novel's unexpected developments and narrative breadth, however, allow this work to resonate.  Prose : While at times Poe's abstractions can unnecessarily obfuscate the circumstances, the author delivers a finely tuned narrative with literary prose that is smooth, rich, and rhythmic in cadence.  Originality : What sets this book apart is its raw originality.  Simon’s Mansion  sensitively and realistically captures the struggles of a young man seeking truth and acceptance following a period of intense struggle. That the author draws from personal experience to craft thi

What are the novels about? When I mention to people that I have written several books, the first question is: What are they about? I struggle to provide an enticing and satisfactory response. This is one description. "Simon Says", "Simple Simon", and "Simon's Mansion" are semi-autobigraphical novels about the allure and  consequences of drug addiction, cultism, and the difficult path to recovery and self-fulfillment. 

Endings: Poetry and Prose is #4 in 2022 list of most inspiring books everyone should read

25-of-the-most-inspiring-books-to-level-up-in-2022 Some of the most inspiring books come in simple forms. These  books  are easy to read and easy to understand. You can always take  top motivational books  if you want to make progress in your business or personal life. In this article, we present you with the books to read for leaders. All of the books are best-sellers and they are written to inspire. 25 of the Most Inspiring Books Everyone Should Read Take a look at the most inspirational books of all time and see if you can find your next favorite book. Keep reading to find out more.  Let’s give a read to the top motivational books. 4. Endings: Poetry and Prose by William Poe The poems and stories in this book put a light on loneliness, death, and the difficult times of our lives. However, the escape through art can solve the problems if you are ready to deal with challenges.

2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist LGBTQ+ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer+) Awarded to Simon’s Mansion


2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (LGBT+) Simon's Mansion Finalist

Next Generation Indie Book Awards LGBTQ+ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer+) FINALISTS: . . . Simon's Mansion, by William Poe (Self-Published) . . . #simonsmansion #poebooksart #simonlgbtseries #williampoe   Next Generation Indie Book Awards (LGBT+) 2021 Finalist

SPR Awards 2021 Reader's Notes on Simon's Mansion

“An honest and daring look at a troubled boy’s life. Poe does not shy away from the taboo, and in doing so, adroitly shines a light on that which is dark to so many. The narrative is constructed simply, using the return to childhood home as a springboard into memory. This doesn’t detract from the story, as Poe doesn’t need to play tricks with form. It’s the content within, the themes explored, the love investigated, and the discovery of the self where the story’s strength lies.” -SPR Awards 2021 Reader's Notes #poebooksart #simonsmansion

14th NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARDS - Simon's Mansion Finalist


IBPA Award judge gives Simon's Mansion highest marks in each category.

IBPA Awards judge gives Simon's Mansion the highest score (10) in each category. "I gave this book a 10 in writing because of the great use of language with complex descriptions such as the one on page 40 of “fast freeze productions.” There are so many engaging minor characters such as Clarice and Twiggy. Each character in this novel is so well drawn and the dialogue is sharp, authentic, and believable. Even the dog Cicero and the goat Ferdinand are endearing characters. I loved the relationship that develops between crotchety Vivian and kindly Thad. The respectful but conflicted relationship between Simon and sister Connie who is intelligent, caring, but very religious and well-meaning is fascinating as well. The author does a great job of moving the story forward through dialogue instead of using excessive description and exposition. The setting and time and place are all vividly portrayed. There are message machines, telexes, modems, cassette players, VHS tapes, and call